The Green Agency is the leading boutique talent and model agency in the Southeast. Representing artists since 1989, the Miami based agency has set award winning standards with established and emerging actors, models, children, voice-over artists, hosts and influencers in both English and Spanish markets.

We consider the global marketing community to be our partners as we successfully pair the perfect artist with the artistically crafted message of international campaigns, social media brands, photo shoots and large scale events. Our clients include Colgate International, Ralph Lauren, Carnival Cruise Lines, Disney Resorts, Exxon, GMCVB/Visit Florida, H&M, and Mercedes Benz.

The Green Agency’s theatrical division excels in developing ingénues and juveniles for film, telenovelas, web series and long format programming. Our clients can be seen as series regulars for prime time networks, Netflix, Amazon, Viceland, Nickelodeon, Univision and NBC Telemundo. We are also active partners with incredible new Directors and Producers in the exploding South Florida indie film market.

Start reading The Green Agency’s industry BLOG called Tammy Talk. It’s all about tips, trends, celebrity interviews and upcoming workshops, seminars, festivals, events and other good stuff.


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